Wealth planning.

At 28 Advisory we approach Wealth Planning with a blank piece of paper. We take the time to understand your current situation and what you are looking to achieve with your asset base, creating a personalised, flexible plan that is structured to meet your objectives in the least complex way possible.

The majority of our clients engage our services to advise on how to protect, grow and pass on their assets. Our role as Wealth Planners involves a deep understanding of your situation and your objectives, coupled with a broad understanding of tax, insurance and legal documentation.

  • Cashflow Modelling
  • Retirement & Pension Planning
  • Estate & Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Income & Capital Gains Tax optimisation

Working with our clients often requires the right team of professionals working together. Our work often involves coordinating and working as part of a team with other specialists in specific areas to augment their expertise. Long-established working relationships with a team of trusted external experts, such as accountants, lawyers, lending consultants and trustees ensure that we can provide access to best-in-class professionals at the right time and cost. The outcome is an integrated and coordinated team of experts on hand to preserve and enhance family wealth.

Our Wealth Planning Service can focus on one specific isolated issue or providing a comprehensive review of your entire asset base aligned with your objectives. Using a combination of sophisticated tools, our work will typically focus on the following 4 areas:


Our advice often entails the review or initial construction of wills, trust deeds and other estate planning documents with an understanding of the relevant estate taxes that are at play.

The impact of Inheritance Tax is often a major contributor to the success of a robust estate plan. Our advice encompasses the understanding of a client’s domicile and independently advising the use of a correct combination of tools (trust settlements, gifting strategies, use of companies, charitable donations and insurance etc) to provide an optimal outcome.

We like to take a wider view of succession planning, understanding how and when you would like to transition your wealth to future generations. A key element is ensuring that the necessary steps are taken so that capital is preserved for future generations and, when required, that privacy is maintained. 

We understand the challenges of preparing beneficiaries on how to deal with assets that they may inherit. We are on hand to attend family meetings and provide structured financial education to assist with knowledge transfer and effective succession planning. 


Often an international client’s asset base will span across multiple tax jurisdictions. We advise on which taxes and tax regimes are relevant and will impact your asset base now, as well as which taxes need to be considered that may impact your future financial plan. 

We can recommend how the tax outcome can be optimised for your given situation and assist with the implementation of any new strategies and provide ongoing oversight as your situation evolves.


We can assist in the evaluation of your current investments, helping you to understand if they are on track and if the return is optimal for the given level of risk you are assuming.  

Our Independent Investment Monitoring Service provides ongoing monitoring of an investment portfolio delivered via a comprehensive report on a Monthly, Quarterly or Biannual basis. The investment monitoring report will focus on:

  • Return: assessed over multiple timeframes against peer benchmarks 
  • Risk: Quantifying the level of risk that is being assumed, offering perspective on investment returns. 
  • Underlying Holdings: Providing a full X-ray analysis of the underlying securities.
  • Action: Key action points and instructions to be communicated to investment managers.  

A key aspect to this service is ensuring that your investments are on track to meet your objectives and delivering the optimum return for the given level of risk.


Looking at your asset base in its entirety, we will evaluate the total cost of administering it and look for ways that this could be optimised and improved. Fees and costs such as Bank Fees, FX charges, Investment Management Fees, Mortgage Interest can be applied directly as well as in some cases not always being visible. We view cost control as a critical contributor to the total return of an asset base. 

The financial services landscape is constantly evolving with new technology solutions continually providing opportunities to drive down fees and take advantage of economies of scale.

We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of new developments, utilising our buying power and providing advice and new ideas to optimise the efficiency of administering your asset base from property through to liquid investments. 

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In Hong Kong, 28 Advisory Limited is authorised and licensed by the Securities & Futures Commission (CE No. BPW829) and licensed to conduct insurance broking services and as an insurance broker by the Insurance Authority (IA) under licence no. GB1029.

In the United Kingdom, 28 Advisory Limited is an appointed representative of Thomson Tyndall Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, 1 The Sanctuary, London SW1P 3JT.