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Wealth Planning
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Wealth planning.

  • Cashflow Modelling
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Planning
Our approach starts with a blank piece of paper. We take the time to understand your current situation and what you are looking to achieve with your asset base, creating a personalised, flexible plan that is structured to meet your objectives in the least complex way possible.

Our role as Wealth Planners involves a deep understanding of your situation, your objectives, coupled with a broad understanding of tax, insurance and legal documentation.

Working with our clients often requires the right team of professionals working together. Our work often involves coordinating and working as part of a team with other specialists in specific areas to augment their expertise.

Long-established working relationships with a team of trusted external experts, such as accountants, lawyers, lending consultants and trustees ensures that we can provide access to best-in-class professionals at the right time and cost.

The outcome is an integrated and coordinated team of experts on hand to preserve and enhance family wealth.

International Wealth Diagnostic Service

Our International Wealth Diagnostic process can focus on one specific, isolated issue or provide a comprehensive review of your entire asset base aligned to your objectives.

Using a combination of sophisticated tools, the review will focus on:

Cost Efficiency

Understanding the total cost of administering your asset base and if this can be improved

The level of Tax Optimisation for your given situation
Portfolio Performance
Evaluation of the return of your investment portfolio for the given level of risk you are assuming.
Wills and Estate Planning
A review of wills, trust documents deeds and other estate planning documents.
An evaluation of debt and the cost to service that debt
This review will provide a detailed report and clear recommendation of areas that should be considered in order to simplify or enhance the overall structure.

Investment Management.

Delivering better investment outcomes

We specialise in the provision of independent investment advice and discretionary portfolio management with a disciplined focus on risk control, portfolio structuring & manager selection.

We do not believe that two investors are the same. Our investment management process builds portfolios that are tailored to your needs with the flexibility to adapt to ever changing market conditions.

We deliver a highly tailored and responsive portfolio for our clients combining some of the best ideas and research from best in class investment managers around the world.

Our Process


We assist our clients in understanding and meeting their diverse investment objectives. We begin with a discussion around risk, experience and knowledge to ensure we work towards a solution that is suitable to you.

Risk control is critical as your attitude to risk can change with changing circumstances – we have robust controls in place to ensure we are able to monitor and react as this evolves over time.


After agreeing the objective set and realistic risk guidelines, we will then look to develop a strategic asset allocation in order to control the risk whilst maximising the total real return of a portfolio, net of costs and tax.

Within each asset class (Equities, Bonds, Alternatives and Cash) we will set minimum and maximum ranges that allows the portfolio to dynamically maneuver inside these asset allocations dependent on market conditions.

Ensuring that a portfolio cannot breach its strategic asset allocation parameters is an important aspect of risk control, which is central to our process.

The result is a highly diversified risk-controlled portfolio with the required flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.


Once we have established the strategic asset allocation, we populate the portfolios using a blend of both passive and active managers as required.

We look to engage with external active managers that bring a specific skillset and new ideas to a portfolio. We look to work with focussed managers that have the flexibility to adapt their strategy dependant on market conditions.

Where possible we will use passive instruments such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to give core market exposure in order to minimise costs and enhance total return.

Our flexible, pragmatic approach enables us to co-ordinate and structure investment strategies across a broad range of asset classes, institutions, currency and jurisdictions.


We provide clear advice to our clients as to the optimal jurisdictions to hold their capital dependent on their specific circumstances and wishes. Our main booking jurisdictions include Guernsey, Hong Kong, Isle of Man, Jersey, Singapore and the UK.

Working with both private banks and brokerage platforms for the custody of our client’s assets we are able to use placing power to negotiate significantly with the banks and custodians to obtain optimal pricing for our clients.

As independent allocators of capital we are completely agnostic as to which jurisdiction or institution our clients assets are held in.


We provide ongoing portfolio monitoring to ensure your portfolio sits within our pre agreed parameters. Detailed, customisable quarterly reports give you a full breakdown of performance, allocation and valuation.
Our client portal provides you access to view your portfolio at your convenience.


Digital Family Office.

The Vault
‘The Vault’ is where we digitally store details of your property, works of art, wine collections, wills in addition to all of your financial assets. This ‘Vault’ can be accessed by you digitally and enables us to provide comprehensive and consolidated statements of your whole global asset base.

Having a clear picture of your total asset base can help to control risk and monitor total risk and is a key tool to assist with financial planning.

Prosperity through partnership


In Hong Kong, 28 Advisory Limited is authorised and licensed by the Securities & Futures Commission (CE No. BPW829) and licensed to conduct insurance broking services and as an insurance broker by the Insurance Authority (IA) under licence no. GB1029.

In the United Kingdom, 28 Advisory Limited is an appointed representative of Thomson Tyndall Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, 1 The Sanctuary, London SW1P 3JT.